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The Scientific Reason Dieting Results in Weight Gain

Did you know that you can make yourself gain more weight by dieting? For most people who have wanted to lose weight, the natural tendency is to go on a diet. And there certainly is no shortage of options out there, from diet pills and drinks to low carb, high protein, blood type diets, and the list goes on and go. With so many available diets out there, why are people still overweight and struggling to lose extra pounds? Contrary to popular belief, did you know that, based on a recent UCLA study, most of the people who went on a diet ended up gaining more weight than those who don't? Does this sound familiar? The problem is not that you're not strong enough or don't have enough willpower. The reason is actually scientific. The great news is that you can help your body burn off the extra fat that it doesn't need. To find out more, click on the button below...

Does Eating Healthy Foods Cause Weight Gain?

There are some things the multi-billion-dollar food industry isn't telling you, and this is one of the dirty secrets that they've been hiding from the general public. Although the Food and Drug Administration regulates foods and drugs and the health claims associated with them, there is an ingredient that is not regulated by the FDA. This secret ingredient is used in most common low-fat foods to improve their taste and make something that is otherwise lacking in taste more tasty. More and more scientists are considering this ingredient as one of the main contributing factors of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and other serious diseases. To find out more, click on the button below...  

The Truth Revealed about Acidic and Alkaline Foods

Just as some parts of our body, such as our stomach should be more acid-strong, while other parts should be slightly alkaline, there are foods that are either acidic or alkaline in nature. You may have heard that alkaline foods are better for you than having an acidic diet. But what about citrus fruits? Aren't they acidic, but also good for my body? The answer is yes. Citrus is acidic before consumption, but produces alkaline inside the body. The key is to maintain the body's pH balance, which has very much to do with the type of foods that we take in. For example, a diet that contains an excess of acid-producing foods could bring about overacidity in the body, which may increase the risk of cancer, heart disease and liver problems. Researchers at UCSD suggests taking in more alkaline-producing foods at a ratio of three-to-one. To learn about the alkaline foods that will help you lose weight, click on the button below...

Stop! Eating These Vegetables Prevents Weight Loss

We all know that we need to eat our veggies in order to keep our bodies healthy. We've been reminded of that many times since our childhood. It goes without saying that we need a balanced diet that includes healthy servings of vegetables. But what you may or may not know is that eating certain vegetables may prevent you from losing weight. Studies show that people who continue to eat this one vegetable could experience a slower metabolism, store more belly fat, and even age more quickly. Not many are talking about these veggies that could have a negative impact on your metabolism and keep you from your weight loss goals. To find out what to avoid, and learn more about the ones that will faciliate and supercharge your weight loss, click on the button below...

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Taking less medication and feel happier!

“As a result of this achievement my doctor lowered the dose of one of the medication I take. In addition to loosing 40 lb since, I feel great and happier.” Mohammed

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