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Did Patricia’s Weight Loss to Save Her Life Go A Bit Too Far?

Should She Have Lost Pounds Without All the Pain and Suffering?

Her Doctor Said She Became 20 Years Younger -- How Did This Happen?

Patricia's doctors gave her a sobering ultimatum: Lose 30 pounds in one month, or face the high probability of dying. She could not bear to leave her obese 9-year old daughter, who was already close to having diabetes, without a mother to raise her and care for her.

Patricia faced the challenge of having a combination of elevated health risks, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, and diabetes, for which she was taking medications. Due to this, she could not participate in any type of high intensity exercise. She had been very fortunate to have survived a heart attack previously. In her current situation, the dangerous option of surgery for weight loss was certainly out of the picture.

Although she was overweight and not in the best shape, she really wanted to change her life around. Despite her young daughter's assurances that she need not worry, she realized that she had no time to lose. She was not lacking in determination, but the exact process that will get her there. She needed to know where to find the key to unleash her body's ability to burn fat.

Her diligent search was rewarded when she found the system by a personal trainer who taught her the right way to lose weight. With this system, she lost weight with relative ease and started feeling so much better. When her little daughter, who was very obese and close to having diabetes, noticed the positive change in her mom, she began following in her mom's footsteps by using the same system. Before she knew it, she also began to lose weight, have more energy, and feel much healthier. Like mother like daughter.

This exact system are changing many lives, and turning the traditional thinking about weight loss on it head.

The old school weight loss programs have three fundamental flaws:

1. Unreasonable diets that are not normal and healthy
2. Extremely strenuous exercises that can't be sustained
3. Systems that are too complicated to follow and keep

With this system, all of the above obstacles are eliminated.

The personal trainer who helped Patricia and her daughter had previously helped military personnel get into combat shape. He then leveraged his elite experience to refine and recalibrate his system to fit the needs of the civilian population. He worked in tandem with nutritional and dietary experts to make the system workable for everyone.

The amazing result for Patricia is typical of the general population. The dose of her medication decreased as she shed pounds and her health improved. Although she is in her 40s, the doctors at the Mayo Clinic confirmed through their tests that she had the body of someone in their 20s. And it was not even difficult how she got there because it was simple to follow.

To find out the details of this three-part system that has been working for both men and women, young and old, please continue here.

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